3 Kings offer solutions for entire industrial facilities to single family residential structures.
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Asbestos Testing in all of Oregon and Washington State areas:

3 Kings Environmental takes pride in quality inspection and testing for asbestos. Certified asbestos professionals will take samples, send them to a lab for testing, and if the presence of asbestos containing materials are confirmed, we can also safely remove the asbestos.

For asbestos testing, inspection, and removal in Oregon or Washington, contact 3 Kings Environmental today.

3 Kings Environmental is dedicated to safely and successfully removing asbestos. Our certified asbestos workers will complete an inspection, remove, and dispose of the hazardous material. At 3 Kings we understand the confusion that can be associated with hazardous materials, such as asbestos, in our buildings and workplaces. This understanding, combined with our extensive knowledge of the abatement industry’s rules and regulations, allows us to successfully complete your asbestos removal with minimal impact to you and your employees—with maximum protection always our number one priority. 

This ability, along with our commitment to safety, ensures that your abatement project is completed on budget, without delays. Our clients can rest assured that when we handle their environmental abatement projects, all of their needs are met or exceeded. We accomplish this by including the client in the initial stages of the abatement project, informing them of all their options along the way. This constant communication ensures that all of your hazards are dealt with correctly, the first time. If you have hazardous materials, 3 Kings can help you manage them every step of the way.

Our certified asbestos workers test for and remove asbestos in all of Oregon and Washington:
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