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Complete Demolition Services

Battle Ground Wins with 3 Kings

Sometimes in the construction and development industry, structures need to come down just as much as they need to go up. When you’re faced with these complex, and often dangerous projects, you’re best served by partnering with professionals who have decades of experience in responsible demolition practices. You’ll find that all with 3 Kings.

Any Structure Demolished Safely

Our teams of experts can tear down structures of any type, from something as small as a single occupancy home, to commercial buildings, or even large industrial facilities. No matter how complex the job, our crews will handle the demolition in a quick and safe fashion. And because of our history as an environmental company, we always attempt to reduce waste through deconstruction methods, recycling, and environmentally friendly demolition techniques. Our unique methods result in lower costs for our clients and a reduced environmental impact for our planet, so we’re motivated to pursue these opportunities whenever we can.

Experience and Commitment

After nearly twenty years in operation, 3 Kings has developed a reputation as one of the premier construction companies in the northwest. Founded by construction experts with decades of experience, we use that knowledge to provide our clients and employees with a ground up understanding of construction theory that lays the foundation for successful projects completed on time, under budget, and without injury.

We can accomplish all this because of our company-wide devotion to our twelve core principles, which are values that guide our everyday decision making process. By following these principles, each of our employees can work as a team toward the common goal of customer satisfaction through work done well.

Call Us for More Information

If you’re working in Battle Ground, Washington and need demolition expertise, call us today at (360) 666-KING or send an us email. Our expert appraisers will give you a thorough and accurate estimate of your total costs and because we’re fully staffed and fully equipped, we can start your project immediately. So contact us today to learn more about the 3 Kings difference.