From entire industrial facilities to single family residential structures


3 Kings’ unique approach to environmental remediation services and our professional staff have over 45 years of combined experience in the field! Which allows you, different options and techniques and methodologies to utilize in your remediation projects. So this ensures your environmental remediation needs are met. We at 3 Kings’ are fully equipped to provide a full range of environmental services to commercial, and industrial clients.

Remediation is the process of undoing  damage caused by pollution, contamination, or other human activity. Because this work so often deals with materials that are a threat to human health. It is governed by a complicated network of municipal, state, and federal regulations.  Failure to perform necessary  remediation work, or performing it incorrectly can often result is costly fines or other measures.

As a result, remediation needs are often caused by floods or unseen leaks that have caused mold. Which can result in,  multiple health issues if not dealt with correctly. Some may experience allergic reactions,  asthma and other respiratory complaints.

There is great information provided on the EPA site. Please do some research and contact us for your needs.

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings

Mold and Indoor Air Quality in Schools

These services will be provided safely, economically, and in full compliance.  And, to add to your peace of mind, 3 Kings carries general pollution and professional liability insurance to ensure maximum protection for you.