in Eugene, OR

Demolition Expertise

3 Kings Serves Eugene Best

In the construction and development business, before you can build something new, something old sometimes needs to come down. Demolition is tough, dangerous work so if you’re faced with a job you’re not sure you can finish, you’ll benefit from a call to 3 Kings.

Tough Jobs are No Problem

Our experienced crews can tear down everything from large industrial structures, to commercial buildings, and even small, single family homes. No matter how complex the job, we’ll bring the structure down quickly and responsibly. And because we’re an industrial company first, we use environmentally responsible demolition techniques like deconstruction, waste reduction, and recycling. These methods reduce client costs while protecting our natural resources so we’re motivated to pursue them whenever we can.

Our Values Support Our Mission

After more than twenty years in business, 3 Kings has earned its reputation as one of the region’s best construction companies and we use that accumulated experience to teach our employees and clients about the ground up construction theories that form the foundation of hundreds of successfully completed projects.

Our work is supported by what we call our twelve core principles, which are a set of values that guide us in our decision making processes. With every team member in sync with the core principles, we are aligned in our first mission: producing satisfied clients.

Call Today For a Quote

If you’re working in Eugene and need a quote for a demolition project, call us today at (888) 43-KINGS or send us a message here. After we’ve learned all we need to about your job, we’ll prepare a thorough quote and answer any follow up questions you might have.

Your work is too valuable to take chances with shoddy work. A partnership with 3 Kings is a partnership with the best.