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Trust Our Demolition Expertise

Medford Wins When it Picks 3 Kings

When you work in the construction trades, you know there are times when an old structure needs to come down before a new one can be built. Demolition jobs are tough and costly, and in the wrong hands they can be very dangerous. So when you’re faced with a big demo job, you’re best bet is to hire a company with years of industry experience, like 3 Kings.

No Job is Too Big, No Home is Too Small

Our experienced teams can tear down anything from a large industrial complex to a small single-family home, and because we got our start in the industry as an environmental company we’re familiar with all the latest responsible demolition, deconstruction, and recycling methods. In many applications, these techniques can save our clients time and money while at the same time protecting our natural world, so we’re motivated to use them whenever possible.

Experience Founded on Values

After more than two decades in business, 3 Kings has completed thousands of projects and we use the experience we’ve gained to impart our ground-up construction methods on our employees and our clients.

That experience is grounded in what we call our Core Principles. Twelve values that help mark our path forward and align all our employees in our first mission of producing satisfied customers.

Call Today

If you’re faced with a demolition project in the Medford, Oregon area and need advice on how to proceed, call 3 Kings today at (360) 666-KING (5464) or send us a message here. We’ll provide you with a thorough quote that takes your job’s goals, timeline, and budget into account.

Your work it too important to trust to amateurs. When you choose 3 Kings, you’ll gain their years of experience and value-centered work ethic. We’re confident it will be one of the best professional decisions you’ve ever made.