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All Your Demolition Needs

3 Kings is Portland, Oregon’s First Stop

When you’re in the development and construction business, many times a building needs to come down just as much as it needs to go up. These demolition projects are often complicated and dangerous, so when they need to be done, you’ll be well served to partner with an experienced operation like 3 Kings.

Residential to Industrial

Our crews can tear down anything, from single family residential units, to commercial buildings, and even large industrial facilities. No matter the difficulty, our teams will tear the building down quickly and safely. And because we’re an environmental company, we make every effort to reduce waste through environmentally responsible demolition techniques, deconstruction methods, and recycling. Our unique approach both saves our clients money but also minimizes the environmental impact of these projects, so we work hard to pursue these options whenever they’re available.

Pick Experience First

After nearly two decades in the construction industry, 3 Kings has developed a reputation as one of the best companies in the business. This experience allows us to share with our clients and employees the ground up construction theories that form the foundation of hundreds of projects completed on time, under budget, and without injury.

We’re able to accomplish this again and again because of our adherence to what we call our twelve core principles, which are values that guide us in everything we do. By following these core principles, everyone at 3 Kings is able to work together to achieve our primary goal: customer satisfaction.

We Want to Hear From You

If you’re looking for demolition solutions in Portland, Oregon, we want to hear from you. Call us today at (888) 43-KINGS or click here to send us an email. Our experienced appraisers will provide you with an accurate and thorough estimate, and because we have a large staff and extensive resources, we can start your job immediately. When you partner with 3 Kings in your next demolition project, you won’t be disappointed.