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Demolition Done Right

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When you’re in the building business, there are times when an old structure needs to come down before a new one can go up. These jobs can be huge headaches. They’re costly, time consuming, and dangerous in inexperienced hands. If you find yourself faced with one of these tough projects, your best bet is to hire an outfit with years of industry experience, like 3 Kings.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Our crews can take down nearly any structure, from projects as small as single family homes, to commercial buildings, to large industrial complexes. We got our start as an environmental company, so when we tackle new jobs we’re always looking for opportunities to use the latest recycling, deconstruction, and responsible demolition techniques. These methods can often save our clients time and money while at the same time protecting our invaluable natural resources.

Values and Experience

For over twenty years 3 Kings has been using its ground-up construction techniques to bring thousands of jobs in on time and under budget. That’s why we’ve developed a reputation as one of the best construction companies in the industry.

Our work is guided by what we call our Core Principles, which are a list of twelve values we use as we make professional decisions. By following the same principles, all our employees are aligned in our main pursuit of producing more satisfied customers./span>

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If you’re facing a tough demolition project in the Redmond, Oregon area and need a fresh set of experienced eyes, call 3 Kings today at(888) 43-KINGS (435-4647) or send us a message here. We’ll provide a timely and thorough estimate that pays special attention to your project’s goals, timeline, and budget.

Your work is too valuable to trust it with an inexperienced company. We’re confident that a partnership with 3 Kings will be one of the best professional decisions you’ve ever made.