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Demolition Starts Here

3 Kings is Salem, Oregon’s #1 Choice

If you’re working in the construction business, you know sometimes structures need to come down just as much as they need to go up. In the wrong hands, these complicated jobs can quickly turn into expensive and dangerous disasters. So you do need to start a demolition process, you’ll be well served by employing 3 King’s years of experience.

Working to Save You Time & Money

Our teams can take down anything from large industrial complexes to small, single-family units and everything else in between. And because we’re an environmental company first, we’ll use every recycling, deconstruction, and environmentally responsible demolition technique available. This approach minimizes waste, saves our clients time and money, while at the same time protecting our important environmental resources, so we’re motivated to choose these options whenever we can.

Partner with Experience

With more than two decades of experience in the construction business, the leaders at the helm of 3 Kings use their knowledge to teach their clients and employees the basic construction techniques that underlie hundreds of successful projects throughout the northwest.

We’re guided through all this by what we call our Core Principles, which are twelve key values that help us in every decision we make. With everyone at 3 Kings working within this framework, we’re able to move towards the same goal of creating new satisfied customers

Contact Us for a Quote

If you’re working the Salem area and need assistance with a demolition project, call our team of experts at(888) 43-KINGS (435-4647) or click here to send us a message. We’ll provide you with a thorough estimate of your project’s total cost and because we’re well staffed and well positioned throughout the northwest, we’ll be able to start your project immediately. We think you’ll quickly come to find that your partnership with 3 Kings is one of your most valuable professional relationships.