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Tough Demolition Jobs Start Here

3 Kings Serves Seattle, Washington

Many times, before a new structure can be built, an old structure must be torn down. These jobs can be complicated and dangerous, and often require a special set of skills. Because of these challenges, you’ll be best served by a partner with decades of experience in the demolition trade. If you’re working in Seattle, 3 Kings is the partner you need.

Industrial, Commercial, or Residential

Our work crews can tear down everything from large industrial facilities or commercial buildings to simple single occupancy residences. The complexity of the job doesn’t matter, our teams with tear down the structure quickly and safely. And because we got our start as an environmental company, we have the expertise to complete your project using environmentally responsible demolition practices like deconstruction, waste reduction, and recycling. This method reduces a project’s environmental cost as well as our client’s end cost, so we’re motivated to use these techniques whenever possible.

Core Principles Guide Our Work

For nearly 20 years, 3 Kings has been successfully completing projects throughout the northwest and are regularly recognized for their expertise. This on-the-ground experience allows us to instill in our team members an understanding of ground-up construction techniques that have formed the foundation for hundreds of projects completed on time and under budget.

We’re guided through this by our Twelve Core Principles, a set of common values we use to guide our decisions. Our adherence to these principles allows us to work in unison in pursuit of our primary goal: customer satisfaction through successfully completed projects.

We’re Ready to Begin

If you’re working in the Seattle area, contact 3 Kings at (888) 43-KINGS or you can send us a message here. Our expert team of appraisers will evaluate your project and provide thorough feedback on its scope and overall cost. Because we have a large team and resources throughout the region, we’re prepared to start your job immediately. We think you’ll find your partnership with 3 Kings to be one of your most valuable professional relationships.