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Demolition Services, Large to Small

3 Kings is Tacoma, Washington’s First Choice

Even though it’s called construction there are plenty of times when a structure needs to come down for your project to be successful. Demolition jobs can be complex and dangerous operations, so your best bet is to partner with an experienced company like 3 Kings.

We’ll Tackle the Toughest Jobs

No matter how complex the job, our crews can tear down structures as large as industrial facilities or commercial buildings, down to single occupancy homes, and we’ll get the job done safely and quickly. And because we got our start as an environmental company, we always undertake projects with the goal of minimizing the environmental impact through responsible demolition practices, deconstruction techniques, and recycling. Not only does this approach mitigate the environmental cost, it also saves our client’s money, so we’re motivated to search for these solutions whenever possible.

Decades of Experience

In operation since 1994, 3 Kings has gained the reputation as one of the industry’s best construction companies. We use these decades of experience to teach our clients and employees our foundational construction theories that have resulted in hundreds of successful projects completed on budget and on time.

Our long-term success is rooted in our devotion to what we call our Twelve Principles, a set of values we use to help guide our decision making. These principles allow every team member at 3 Kings to work in unity towards our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Call Us to Learn More

In you’re working near Tacoma, Washington and need an expert demolition contractor, contact 3 Kings at (888) 43-KINGS or send us a message here. Our expert appraisers will evaluate your project and provide a thorough estimate of your total costs. And because we have a large crew and resources located throughout the region, we can start your project right away. Partnering with 3 Kings for your next project will be the smartest decision you’ve ever made.