in Walla Walla, WA

No Demolition Job is too Tough

3 Kings Serves Walla Walla Best

When you work in construction, there are times a structure needs to come down before a new one can go up. These jobs aren’t easy and in inexperienced hands, they can be complicated and downright dangerous. If you’re facing a demolition job, you’ll be well served by partnering with 3 Kings Environment, the number one choice in Walla Walla.

We Can Do It All

Our crews can tear down anything from the largest industrial facility to the smallest single-family residential unit and everything in between. And because we got our start in the environmental services business, we eliminate waste through recycling, deconstruction techniques, and by using environmentally friendly demolition practices. This approach to work saves our clients time, money, and environmental impact, so we’re motivated to use these techniques whenever we can.

You’ll Benefit from Our Experience

After over twenty years in business, the people at the head of 3 Kings use their combined experience to help our clients and employees understand the ground-level construction theories that are the backbone of hundreds of successful project completed on time and under budget.

We’re guided in our work by what we call our twelve Core Principles, which are a set of principles that help mark our path forward as we seek to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Need a Quote? Contact Us Today!

If you’re working in Walla Walla and are facing a tough demolition project give 3 Kings a call today at (360) 666-KING or send us a message. Our team will provide a quick but thorough estimate of all costs involved, and because we’re well positioned throughout the northwest and fully staffed, we’ll be able to start your project right away. We have no doubt you’ll immediately see the value of 3 King’s expertise.