Tiffany ensures company compliance applicable to Human Resources and Payroll. She is committed to excellence as she monitors each project from beginning to end and ensures things are done right pertaining to permits, project specifications, and daily documents. Her dedication to the company shines through in the analysis of each project to track costs in comparison to rates of production. One of her main professional accomplishments has been to complete TURBO Leadership Program in conjunction with raising two small children. Tiffany has a “can do” attitude, and perfectly emulates 3 Kings core values. She believes that anything can be accomplished in striving to “Do It Right” and having a “Desire to Succeed.” For Tiffany, it is not just about what can be gained, but achieving satisfaction through a job well done. “Brutal Honesty” is something Tiffany takes to heart; acknowledging that there is always room for improvement and admission of fault can be difficult, but necessary. This is the only way in which someone can truly grow. Personally, Tiffany places great importance on spending time with her family. They enjoy riding their quads in the sand in Coos Bay, OR, and traveling with the family dogs.