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It’s no secret that picking a qualified general contractor is a tough task, even for simple jobs. But when you add the complexity of environmental or hazardous material concerns, finding a competent and professional crew is even more important.


3 Kings Environmental has the expertise and resources to complete the toughest commercial or residential projects on time and on budget. We offer the following services:


  • General Contracting: At 3 Kings, we believe the most efficient and least expensive contracting projects are accomplished by using one contractor. That’s why we strive to provide all our clients with single-source solutions for all their contracting needs. Our professional, mobile work force, significant resources, and owned equipment are available to solve any construction and environmental problems, all while treating each project as if it where our own.


  • Hazardous Materials – Abatement: There’s plenty of confusion surrounding hazardous materials in our buildings and workplaces. Fortunately the abatement professionals at 3 Kings are experts in the industry’s rules and regulations. We have the expertise necessary to successfully complete your project with as little disruption as possible, and we’ll keep you well informed throughout the entire process. If you have a hazardous materials problem, we can help.


  • Remediation: With over 45 years of combined industry experience, our remediation experts can offer our clients a range of options, techniques, and methodologies, thereby ensuring your end needs are met every time. 3 Kings is fully equipped to offer a host of environmental services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients, delivered in a safe and economic manner and in accordance with all State and Federal regulations.


  • Demolition: From industrial facilities to single family residential structures, if it has to come down, 3 Kings has the expertise needed to do the job right. We work to minimize waste through recycling, deconstruction activities, and by using environmentally friendly demolition techniques. We understand the importance of minimizing our environmental impact and reducing our client’s projects costs and we pursue those goals at every opportunity. No matter how complex the project, 3 Kings has the experience and resources to handle all your demolitions needs.


  • Crushing: In certain applications, it may be most cost effective to crush concrete from a demo project and use it as fill material on that same project. Our qualified and trained equipment operators take a safety-first approach to their work and take pride in providing a high-quality and truly recycled project.


  • Underground Storage Tanks – UST’s: The professionals at 3 Kings have over 30 years combined experience in decommissioning UST’s and have successfully completed projects in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Our personnel will complete your project in a timely manner and provide all necessary documentation to satisfy lenders as well as State and Federal regulations.


  • Heating Oil Tanks – HOT’s: Residential oil tanks often lie forgotten under property and are only discovered in the sales process. These old tanks can pose serious environmental concerns and often drive pending sales to a complete stop. 3 Kings maintains a division dedicated to inspecting, assessing, and decommissioning these tanks. From our first visit to our last, our goal is always to leave your property just the way we found it.


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We have offices in Seattle, Walla Walla, Vancouver (Wa), Portland, Salem, and Eugene so we’re well positioned for jobs throughout Oregon and Washington but we’re also capable or working nationwide. Call us today, tell us about your project, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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